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Last year, 2020, was to say at the very least a dumpster fire.  So I decided for 2021 to try to go in some new directions to see where they will lead.  One is to have this website.  This will give me one place to keep track of all my projects.

BTW, since I’m one of these people who’s pretty evenly left- and right-brained, and sometimes gets easily distracted, I couldn’t just pick one area to experiment in.

Here are few things I’ve decided to try out for the new year:

  • Combining my love of databases, research, history, and genealogy, I put up my ENTIRE family tree here.  I’ve been working on it since 2013 for personal reasons, mainly on Ancestry.com. Since it’s now close to 18,000 people, I figured it could help other people make links they’ve been missing.  (And maybe they can show me where I’ve missed something or made an error…) It’s under the main page KL DeWitt Family Research Project.
  • Since I also love to play around with graphic arts, Photoshop and Illustrator, I’m designing items for sale on Etsy and Amazon.  I’ve already created a couple of coloring books on Amazon and have things like mugs, laptop sleeves, t-shirts, and more on Etsy.  The original artwork is not my own, I license it, but the final designs are from things I’ve combined to make something new that I enjoy looking at or find funny.  (Hopefully others will, too.)
  • As a long-time bibliophile, I still love to read and sell books, helping people find the titles they’ve been searching for.  However, I’ve moved virtually all my listings over to Bonanza.com.  They have the look and feel and friendliness of the old eBay.  I think their customer service and site is much nicer to use.   Feel free to come over and visit my online book store sometime.

So, off to go see where 2021 takes me and the rest of us…  Given that it’s only February, who knows what else will catch my fancy.


(Note: I may receive compensation/commissions from the companies whose products I mention/have links to on my site, including my own.)

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