That Didn’t Take Long

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So, I’ve hit my first setback in the design area for 2021.  It seems and Shopify are having some sort of dispute, so all of RageOn is down for the moment.  (Actually, they’ve been down for a few days now with a notice saying it may be a bit before they’re back – if ever.)

Of course, this is after I had setup a shop there, designed a bunch of items, and put them up for sale.

Luckily, I’m not an “eggs all in one basket” kind of person these days.  I’ve been busy in the meantime also putting up new stuff on Etsy and Amazon.  But still, to put all that effort into creating things and then have someone pull it out from under you with no warning is quite the bummer.  Not sure what the actual problem between the 2 companies is or what their relationship is that it would let Shopify take RageOn down like that.

Hopefully, they’ll make up, and put RageOn back together, with my store intact, so I don’t have to start from scratch.  (I’m not holding my breath as you can imagine.)


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