Are You Related to a Missing Buffalo Soldier?

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92nd Infantry Division (Courtesy of the DPAA)

The 92nd Infantry Division aka “Buffalo Soldiers,” the only African American infantry unit to operate in Europe during World War II, still has 53 men missing/unaccounted for since the war.  The DPAA (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency) would like help identifying them, if possible.

In 2014, they created the 92 Infantry Project, but were only able to identify 3 of the men at that time.  The main issue is having reference DNA to match remains to a name/family.  The DPAA is aware of 51 unidentified persons buried in the Florence American Cemetery in Italy they believe were part of the 92nd, but they can’t resolve each case without DNA at this point.

If you or someone you know is related to a missing Buffalo Soldier, or any of the fallen from World War II, the Korean War, or Vietnam War, please consider adding your DNA to the DPAA project / AFMES (Armed Forces Medical Examiner System) so these bodies can be identified and brought home.  Help bring closure to the many people still waiting to this day to find out what happened to their loved one(s).

To participate in the project, you can contact the Army Casualty Office at (800) 892-2490 to arrange to give a DNA sample.  The sample will only be used to identify the fallen and will be kept in a secure database.

For more details on the 92nd and the Project, see the original article at the DPAA: Trying to Bring Home Soldiers of the 92nd Infantry Division




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