Oak Island – Will They or Won’t They?

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History’s The Curse of Oak Island is one show I keep up with, week after week.  Like everyone else, I keep waiting for them to find a major treasure.  I also watch it for the tech they use to find and check out their discoveries.

Something I find ironic, though, is how many treasures have been found accidentally over the centuries, all over the world, yet Oak Island keeps hiding its secrets from how many deliberate searchers?  These are people who’ve spent decades and decades and millions of dollars hunting for…what?  No one even knows what they’re actually searching for!  All anyone knows are the many rumors of what might be in the “Money Pit,” an apt description in more ways than one.

While the Laginas and crew find coins here and there, to me those could be just as easily explained as “couch cushion change,” dropped from pockets. There’s nothing to prove they were part of some deposit made by pirates or Templars (or ??)

However, the gang keeps finding tantalizing clues that various groups did really do something big on the island.  That rock road is cool.  So, the archeology of the various digs is fascinating, in and of itself.  But the guys also keep hedging their bets.  They frequently mention that people like the McGinnis family and Samuel Ball all seem to have “hit it big” way back when.  Are they hinting that any and all treasure(s) were already found and secreted away/spent…?

So what do you think?  Is there still some big treasure waiting to be found? Or will the historic finds of the cobble road and other archeological evidence be all the current searchers’ discover?

I’m still leaning to there’s something at the bottom of the Money Pit, things no one could reach without current tech.  To me, that means the Oak Island team still has a shot at finding “treasure.”  (Or maybe they’ll find something a previous landowner discovered a century or more ago and reburied to keep safe…)

Either way, I’ll keep watching the show.


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