Finally! We Have a Date for Lucifer Season 5-B!!

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Lucifer Season 5B - Coming May 28thYay!  Netflix has finally released a drop date for Lucifer Season 5-B.  (Another show I’ve watched every ep of, many of which multiple times.)

According to the official Lucifer account post on Twitter, and per D.B. Woodside, we’ll finally see on May 28th what happens seconds after Season 5-A ended.  (I won’t say specifically in case anyone was waiting to watch all 16 episodes of 5-A and 5-B in a single binge – like anyone could wait that long…  LOL)

The countdown to the end of May begins.  Then a whole weekend will be spent binging, to then have to wait again, this time, for Season 6.  Per the showrunners and various of the actors, including star Tom Ellis, it will definitely be the final one.  (Ellis has already got another project in the works – a Netflix RomCom called PLAYERS.)

How bittersweet to finally watch the rest of Season 5 knowing there will only be 1 more to close it all out.  But I trust the crew to do a bang up job of it. I can’t wait. (But will have to it appears.)  I wonder how long they’ll stretch out the wait for that one after fans have crashed Netflix’s servers devouring Lucifer Season 5-B…



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