An Animated NFT Experiment

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Since I pay each month for Adobe CC software, I figured I might as well learn some of it besides Photoshop, which I use at probably only a beginner-intermediate level.

As a start, I watched a few tutorial videos on YouTube the other night, hoping to learn some of the features of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I came up with this project as my first go using what (little) I absorbed.  (I probably shouldn’t try to learn new things when I’ve only had 2-3 hours sleep!)

I decided to experiment on an AI-animated file using After Effects’ rotoscope feature, then did some frame-by-frame editing and a bit of color matching, added a soundtrack using royalty-free public domain music, and voila!  Not half bad for a first attempt, eh?  At least, not in my mind.

I decided to put my first effort on OpenSea as an NFT.  (I figure if someone will pay $400K for a picture of a cartoon cat and some code that lets it breed with other cartoon cats, why not?  I find Michelangelo’s David bopping along to be at least as interesting, eh?)  So we’ll see if anyone considers this collectible or just a fun hypnotic looping video…  I kind of think of it as both.


By the way, just getting this 14-sec file done took me about 10+ hours of experimenting and starting over multiple times, not including the video-watching efforts.  I already have an idea for another one, much more complex. However, methinks I need to watch a few more training vids first so I can cut down my actual project time.

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