Rageon’s Newest Incarnation

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Well, it looks like people at Rageon.com have changed their minds once more re: what their company will be when it grows up.

After saying Shopify killed their site months back, Rageon.com was down for a while, taking all my designs (and my pitiful $15 in outstanding royalties) with them.  They did, at least, send me my personal T-shirt and scarf order, so I didn’t lose that money, too.  (The items just showed up a couple of weeks after I asked what was going on via email…)

Later, it looked like Rageon was going to forge ahead using a different e-commerce platform, but one which only sold their own products.  I saw their usual designs up, like their laser cats and somewhat rude Michelangelo’s David leggings, but nothing from all the other designers that used to have “sub-stores.”  (I’m wondering what the band KISS is now doing with their own designs – they were supposed to be one of Rageon’s biggest sections/supporters and a big reason I wanted to also have designs on that site.)

Now, it seems Rageon’s going to jump into NFTs instead of T-shirts and leggings per their “Down for Maintenance – Back Soon” screen, on yet another e-commerce platform.  And still not a single word from them to this date about what I, as one of their former “publishers,” am supposed to do in the meantime or if I’ll ever get my little royalty.

I guess it’s a good thing there are so many other, more reliable print-on-demand companies out there.  I’ve definitely had a lot better luck dealing with Printful – their products are less expensive, great quality (and they’re still in business.)

I’m sure not going to hold my breath to see what Rageon’s next incarnation will look like, if anything…  They definitely lost me as both a designer and a customer when they decided to keep me in the dark about what’s been happening with them.  (I only found out about the NFTs because I went to their site today.)  <sigh>

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