Loki – Another Winner from the MCU

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While I wait for LUCIFER Season 6 to drop on Netflix (hopefully not too many months from now), it appears that Disney / Marvel Studios has come up with a great show to fill the time.

Loki may be a lying, mischievous, back-stabbing, pretender God, but as played by Tom Hiddleston, you want to cut him a little slack.  Maybe more than a little slack when he gives you that slick sly grin.  Yet, knowing the history of the charismatic character, and the lethal carnage left in his wake over the years, I sure wouldn’t turn my back on the character, no matter how many times he cries wolf.

The teasers hint that he might be playing for the other side this time.  Yet, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Nothing he’s ever done hasn’t been without some endgame in mind, and though he’s been thwarted many times in his plans for world / universe domination in the various movies, it only takes a plan coming to fruition once, eh?  Can the God of Mischief ever do anything that doesn’t provide himself with a payoff?

So far, Disney and Michael Waldron (Loki’s head writer) have done a great job of setting up the storyline, and giving the audience many, many directions the character could possibly go.  It will be interesting to see where they take him ultimately.  (A setup for one of the Phase 4 upcoming movies? A season 2 of the series? or ??)

I’m just trying to avoid online spoilers since they’re doling out the shows one a week and I can’t always get to it right away.  The joys of anticipation for the upcoming Wednesdays versus being able to binge 6 eps in a row without worrying about someone giving away the plot before I see it…

The only thing I don’t like is watching the word LOKI in the titles and some of the teasers change letter styles over and over and over to imply the various versions of the character that exist in the multiverse.  It’s pretty darn boring.  A few font changes would be okay, but they just do it over and over and over.  Seems lazy title design to me.  (Maybe I’m missing some vital clue in the fonts, but I tune it out as tedious.)

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