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101 He told the Censuses this was his birthday, but the NJ archives say Jan 1854... Waldron, William (I22759)
102 He was born in Beaverdam Township, which is now part of Canton. Hall, Elisha James P (I397)
103 Held at The White House during Andrew Jackson's presidency. (Mary Anne Eastin was the grand-niece of Rachel Donelson Jackson.) Family: Lucius Junius Polk, Sr / Mary Ann Eastin (F2131)
104 His birth certificate shows he was named Homer originally, but just 3 months later, the 1910 Census in April shows him being called Bennie (short for Benjamin Franklin) and he used some form of that name for the rest of his life, including for Social Security. Mayhak, Homer (I424)
105 Holy Trinity Cemetery Ronspiez, William Herman (I909)
106 Idaho. Department of Health and Welfare. State Birth Index. Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Boise, Idaho. Source (S2056)
107 Infection of Lungs Waldron, Romain (I4329)
108 Influenza Isenhower, Charles Gordon (I10132)
109 Influenza Isenhower, Henry Harold (I10146)
110 It was originally called Coteau-Landing, Monteregie Region, Quebec, Canada, but it was merged with other areas into Les Coteaux and included in Vaudreuil-Solanges. Sauvage, Catherine (I3039)
111 Kenai City Cemetery White, Bernard Dale (I391)
112 Kenai City Cemetery Sorensen, Norma Jean (I446)
113 Kidney cancer Stevenin, Leslie Jean (I8601)
114 Killed by railroad train Yeatman, Henry Clay Sr (I6159)
115 Killed in Action Mead, Vernon Ward (I6874)
116 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S2152)
117 Land donated to Abingdon Abbey to establish a cell called Colne Priory formally dedicated de Vere, Aubrey I Queen's Chamberlain (I19177)
118 Lebanon Cemetery Carlson, Pauline Rose (I535)
119 Leukemia Keylon, Thomas Wines (I9588)
120 Lobar Pneumonia Henning, Elizabeth Ann (I10428)
121 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I404)
122 Measles Whitted, Dorothy Estella (I5320)
123 Mills and Mills Memorial Park Jensen, Calvin Edgar (I435)
124 Mineral Ridge Clark, Nancy Rogers (I1176)
125 Minnesota. Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-1995. Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Department of Health. Source (S2174)
126 Missing Keylon, Carl James (I9597)
127 Mitral Regurgitation due to previous Scarlet Fever Tiegs, Harold H H (I22732)
128 Montana, County Marriage Records, 1865-1967. Montana State Historical Society, Helena, Montana. Source (S2148)
129 Mount Hope Cemetery Sinclair, Priscilla Mary (I181)
130 Mount Olivet Cemetery Flisakowski, Grace (I18365)
131 Mountain View Cemetery Mayhak, Charles William (I292)
132 Mountain View Cemetery Whitted, Kenneth Lee (I422)
133 Mountain View Cemetery Mulkins, Betty Lou Irene (I744)
134 Murdered by a neighbor Griffin, Myrtle Ella (I17588)
135 Murdered wife, then committed suicide Whitted, Frederick Elbridge (I1386)
136 Nebraska, Marriage Records, 1855-1908. State Library and Archives, Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska. Source (S285)
137 Nelson, Janet L. (2019). King and Emperor: A New Life of Charlemagne. London: Allen Lane. ISBN 9780520314207 Charlemagne King of the Franks (I11308)
138 North Star Cemetery Ethen, Louis Henry (I330)
139 North Star Cemetery Tietz, Betty Jane (I576)
140 North Star Cemetery Gruska, Cynthia Sue (I587)
141 North Star Cemetery Ethen, Mona Louise (I755)
142 North Star Cemetery Ethen, Roger Allen (I756)
143 North Star Cemetery Ethen, Ruby Roleen (I758)
144 North Star Cemetery Eickerman, Herman H Jr (I759)
145 Not known at this time if this is Eben's twin brother or if they changed his name from Eddathers to Eben. (02 Jul 2021) Waldron, Eddathers Elex (I191)
146 Old Salem Cemetery Murray, Samuel Sr (I2223)
147 Oregon State Archives. Oregon, Marriage Records, 1906-1910, 1946-1966. Salem, Oregon. Source (S2109)
148 Original sources vary according to directory. The title of the specific directory being viewed is listed at the top of the image viewer page. Check the directory title page image for full title and publication information. Source (S2142)
149 Per Estella's birth certificate, she was the 4th child of Leona, only 3 of which were alive at that point. I haven't located whether this 4th child was a girl or boy, and when it was born/died. (19 Dec 2020) Whitted (I17060)
150 Per FindAGrave and the 1920 Census, he was adopted by John Whitted and Lela Graham. The Census lists him as "nephew" but doesn't say if he's the husband's or wife's. Some sources say his father was W H Whitted (?) Whitted, Adolphus Clyde (I19036)

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