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Illinois, USA


Latitude: 39.7333, Longitude: -88.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda Catherine  22 Aug 1846Illinois, USA I21295
2 Catharine  Abt 1831Illinois, USA I17581
3 Christina  Abt 1842Illinois, USA I14610
4 Eliza Lewiza  Sep 1852Illinois, USA I12598
5 Emma  Mar 1870Illinois, USA I12365
6 Frances T  Jan 1871Illinois, USA I17298
7 Mary C  Abt 1861Illinois, USA I10137
8 Orra E  Abt 1868Illinois, USA I6821
9 Phoebe  Jan 1845Illinois, USA I2655
10 Adams, Charles F  23 Jan 1870Illinois, USA I16518
11 Atherton, Cecile Dollie  8 Nov 1892Illinois, USA I3616
12 Atherton, Ella M  Abt 1900Illinois, USA I3617
13 Atherton, Jane Emeline  1887Illinois, USA I3615
14 Atherton, Paul Roy  27 Sep 1896Illinois, USA I3613
15 Atherton, Raymond  Feb 1886Illinois, USA I3618
16 Baker, Francis Irene  2 Jun 1894Illinois, USA I1482
17 Baker, William Henry  29 Jan 1860Illinois, USA I1479
18 Barden, Charley  Abt 1876Illinois, USA I21253
19 Barden, George  Abt 1873Illinois, USA I21252
20 Barden, Jennie  Mar Abt 1880Illinois, USA I21254
21 Barry, Catherine  Abt 1897Illinois, USA I4361
22 Barry, Catherine Honora  Dec 1886Illinois, USA I4304
23 Barry, Edward J  17 Aug 1886Illinois, USA I4382
24 Barry, Frank C  Jun 1885Illinois, USA I4381
25 Barry, Michael  Abt 1859Illinois, USA I4319
26 Bass, Edward  5 Jun 1844Illinois, USA I1996
27 Bauguess, Albert M  Abt 1857Illinois, USA I14304
28 Bauguess, Alice O  Abt 1855Illinois, USA I14188
29 Bauguess, Bertha  1876Illinois, USA I14260
30 Bauguess, Carl E  21 Dec 1904Illinois, USA I14322
31 Bauguess, Catharine  Abt 1860Illinois, USA I14190
32 Bauguess, Charles Ralph  22 Mar 1906Illinois, USA I14324
33 Bauguess, Clarinda  1859Illinois, USA I14258
34 Bauguess, Delilah F  Abt 1861Illinois, USA I14255
35 Bauguess, Donald L  Abt 1923Illinois, USA I14297
36 Bauguess, Ellen Martha  21 Mar 1859Illinois, USA I14189
37 Bauguess, Harry  23 Oct 1877Illinois, USA I14172
38 Bauguess, Hortense F  Abt 1910Illinois, USA I14299
39 Bauguess, John Clyde  Feb 1892Illinois, USA I14309
40 Bauguess, Lavon B  11 Apr 1913Illinois, USA I14296
41 Bauguess, Lydia  Abt 1852Illinois, USA I3171
42 Bauguess, Mary D  Abt 1853Illinois, USA I14187
43 Bauguess, Nancy  Abt 1865Illinois, USA I14182
44 Bauguess, Richard Dickson  1852Illinois, USA I14257
45 Bauguess, Sarah E  Abt 1856Illinois, USA I14303
46 Bauguess, Thomas W  Abt 1848Illinois, USA I14302
47 Bauguess, Walter  1850Illinois, USA I14116
48 Beezley, Ellie  Abt 1869Illinois, USA I16162
49 Beezley, John  Abt 1867Illinois, USA I16161
50 Beezley, William Harrison  Jan 1840Illinois, USA I16197

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barry, Frank C  1958Illinois, USA I4381
2 Barry, William Russel  13 Oct 1957Illinois, USA I4385
3 Ikerd, Jonas  24 Feb 1863Illinois, USA I1457
4 Maihack, Henry Johann  Illinois, USA I18760
5 McFadden, Vincent Henry  9 Jan 1953Illinois, USA I4360
6 Whitted, Louis  Dec 1879Illinois, USA I17019


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bookless, Ada Mabel  Apr 1880Illinois, USA I7735
2 Guisinger, James Railsback Sr  Abt 1874Illinois, USA I12995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bookless, William J  Illinois, USA I7705
2 Fisher, Lucile Bernice  1968Illinois, USA I10723
3 Guisinger, Mary Ellen  Illinois, USA I12030
4 Leise, Marinda Cynthia  Illinois, USA I7733
5 Newlin, Achsah P  Illinois, USA I17011
6 Rusk, Kathleen Sue  1965Illinois, USA I19035
7 Smith, Mabel Darlyne  1963Illinois, USA I14348
8 Steinmann, Hulda R  1973Illinois, USA I18831
9 Tryon, Clarkson  Illinois, USA I12982
10 Whitted, John Thomas  Illinois, USA I1363


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Foy / Johnson  2 Oct 1951Illinois, USA F6422

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