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Nebraska, USA


Latitude: 41.5, Longitude: -99.2917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kate M  Abt 1904Nebraska, USA I12280
2 Sylvia M  Abt 1901Nebraska, USA I21397
3 Ackerman, Clara M  Abt 1891Nebraska, USA I5427
4 Alderman, Leon S  Abt 1889Nebraska, USA I10476
5 Anderson, George Emanuel  15 Aug 1886Nebraska, USA I14870
6 Beezley, Gilbert H  Abt 1905Nebraska, USA I16200
7 Beezley, Ida M  Abt 1901Nebraska, USA I16199
8 Blevins, Ruby Florence  14 Feb 1901Nebraska, USA I16965
9 Burkey, Alice  Abt 1907Nebraska, USA I2653
10 Burkey, Ester R  Jun 1897Nebraska, USA I2652
11 Burkey, Lloyd A  Oct 1895Nebraska, USA I2651
12 Colburn, Myrtle A  Mar 1879Nebraska, USA I10543
13 Coyne, Donald S  22 Aug 1910Nebraska, USA I16167
14 Coyne, Francis Leo  5 Mar 1924Nebraska, USA I16166
15 Coyne, Hugh  Mar 1884Nebraska, USA I16171
16 Coyne, Martin  Jan 1888Nebraska, USA I16172
17 Crabtree, Frank E  29 Jul 1882Nebraska, USA I20038
18 Crosby, Floyd C  Abt 1909Nebraska, USA I7689
19 Crosby, Maud  Abt 1904Nebraska, USA I7687
20 Crumrine, Nellie Myrtle  Abt 1885Nebraska, USA I6818
21 Davis, Lela Marie  10 Jan 1906Nebraska, USA I4663
22 Esch, James P  16 Feb 1885Nebraska, USA I16208
23 Fayat, Forrest  Abt 1903Nebraska, USA I6838
24 Fayat, Joy  Abt 1901Nebraska, USA I6837
25 Gormley, James Lee  May 1900Nebraska, USA I2453
26 Gormley, Margaret May  1 Sep 1895Nebraska, USA I2458
27 Gormley, Martha Lyle  28 Nov 1897Nebraska, USA I2452
28 Gregory, Frances Matilda  1908Nebraska, USA I20051
29 Gregory, Margarett  1910Nebraska, USA I20052
30 Hillyer, Burdetta  Abt 1930Nebraska, USA I12581
31 Hillyer, Henry H  24 Nov 1924Nebraska, USA I12587
32 Hopper, Alta A  Abt 1902Nebraska, USA I4528
33 Hopper, Earl  Jan 1890Nebraska, USA I4542
34 Hopper, Goldie M  Dec 1898Nebraska, USA I4527
35 Hopper, Grace  Dec 1887Nebraska, USA I4541
36 Hopper, Guy H  May 1884Nebraska, USA I4529
37 Hopper, Mollie  Oct 1885Nebraska, USA I4530
38 Hopper, Ruth  Jan 1895Nebraska, USA I4526
39 Isabell, Alberta  Abt 1910Nebraska, USA I4547
40 Isabell, Florence Delores  9 Feb 1917Nebraska, USA I4549
41 Isabell, Pearl  Abt 1912Nebraska, USA I4548
42 Keber, Mary Barbara  24 Apr 1892Nebraska, USA I16209
43 Lanham, Therian T  Abt 1912Nebraska, USA I6833
44 Logan, Elenora  Abt 1909Nebraska, USA I4625
45 Logan, Floyd  Abt 1904Nebraska, USA I4628
46 Logan, Frank  Abt 1874Nebraska, USA I4623
47 McDuffy, Mable Evelyn  4 Dec 1916Nebraska, USA I2630
48 McIntosh, Delmar Lewis  25 Jun 1916Nebraska, USA I2959
49 McIntosh, Franklin Lewis  26 Feb 1878Nebraska, USA I2951
50 McIntosh, Hazel Elizabeth  28 Mar 1910Nebraska, USA I2955

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crosby, Edward Brewer  14 Dec 1993Nebraska, USA I7681
2 McIntosh, Hazel Elizabeth  13 Jan 1914Nebraska, USA I2955
3 Tunks, Mary Orvilla  17 Apr 1910Nebraska, USA I1907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gormley, Margaret May  Sep 1895Nebraska, USA I2458
2 Gormley, Martha Lyle  Abt 1898Nebraska, USA I2452
3 McIntosh, Delmar Lewis  Abt 1917Nebraska, USA I2959
4 Mead, Goldie Blanche  Abt 1883Nebraska, USA I6897
5 Poush, Nellie Irene  Abt 1888Nebraska, USA I1921
6 Smith, John Sherman  Abt 1889Nebraska, USA I2860


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Crosby  19 Nov 1960Nebraska, USA F7100
2 Beezley / Tidball  7 Dec 1899Nebraska, USA F5751
3 Burkey / Kilborm  14 Mar 1894Nebraska, USA F177
4 Isabell / Titus  13 May 1903Nebraska, USA F1614
5 McDaniel / Whitcomb  1 Aug 1907Nebraska, USA F914
6 Muck / Townsend  29 Apr 1874Nebraska, USA F870

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