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Our Family's Journey Through Time from Europe to Canada and the USA

North Carolina, USA


Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altha E  Abt 1861North Carolina, USA I3774
2 Elizabeth  29 Dec 1778North Carolina, USA I3954
3 Lucinda Jane  29 Apr 1834North Carolina, USA I8367
4 Lula L  Aug 1871North Carolina, USA I16668
5 Mary S  Abt 1821North Carolina, USA I10069
6 Matilda  Abt 1860North Carolina, USA I2146
7 Rachael  1791North Carolina, USA I6755
8 Rebecca  1818North Carolina, USA I17031
9 Sarah C  Abt 1838North Carolina, USA I9356
10 Abernathy, John  1774North Carolina, USA I4024
11 Allen, Agnes  22 Jan 1794North Carolina, USA I3971
12 Allen, Joseph  1785North Carolina, USA I6754
13 Allen, Nancy  Abt 1816North Carolina, USA I6799
14 Allen, Ruth Lavina  1783North Carolina, USA I1371
15 Allison, Rachel  1786North Carolina, USA I20901
16 Apperson, Artie O  Abt 1883North Carolina, USA I9452
17 Baker, Mariah Eaton  1829North Carolina, USA I6097
18 Barber, Walter Dorsey  Abt 1889North Carolina, USA I3950
19 Bass, Thomas Edward  17 Jan 1798North Carolina, USA I1999
20 Baugess, Fanny  1830North Carolina, USA I3162
21 Baugess, Mary  1811North Carolina, USA I1332
22 Bauguess, C Burnell  24 Apr 1933North Carolina, USA I14196
23 Bauguess, Effie Jeanette  18 Oct 1937North Carolina, USA I14193
24 Bauguess, Eli P  1828North Carolina, USA I3161
25 Bauguess, Emanuel  1797North Carolina, USA I3170
26 Bauguess, Filo  Abt 1911North Carolina, USA I14169
27 Bauguess, King David  7 Mar 1820North Carolina, USA I14109
28 Bauguess, Lester  29 Mar 1908North Carolina, USA I14165
29 Bauguess, Nelia  Dec 1872North Carolina, USA I14162
30 Bauguess, Richard  16 Oct 1822North Carolina, USA I3181
31 Bauguess, Sarah Jane  19 Mar 1853North Carolina, USA I14186
32 Baugus, Cassy  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I3182
33 Best, Dave T  May 1876North Carolina, USA I3777
34 Best, Dovey Bell  17 Sep 1897North Carolina, USA I3778
35 Bird, Catherine E  Abt 1855North Carolina, USA I6475
36 Bird, Flora  1860North Carolina, USA I6478
37 Bird, Jesse M  Abt 1828North Carolina, USA I6473
38 Bird, Laura  1860North Carolina, USA I6477
39 Bird, William T  Abt 1858North Carolina, USA I6476
40 Blackburn, Mary L  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I3217
41 Boston, Frederick Auton  5 Feb 1809North Carolina, USA I10184
42 Bowden, James Owen  North Carolina, USA I19682
43 Bowen, Henry Harrison  25 Jan 1877North Carolina, USA I3003
44 Bowen, Mary Elizabeth  18 Oct 1874North Carolina, USA I3004
45 Bramlett, Ellen I  Abt 1878North Carolina, USA I9370
46 Brooks, Aaron H  Abt 1862North Carolina, USA I3219
47 Brooks, Amos  Abt 1903North Carolina, USA I3128
48 Brooks, Eliza  23 Jun 1854North Carolina, USA I3126
49 Brooks, Jane  1860North Carolina, USA I3210
50 Brooks, John  1857North Carolina, USA I3208

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrington, Mary  Abt 1806North Carolina, USA I17620
2 Baker, Mariah Eaton  Abt 1883North Carolina, USA I6097
3 Clack, Ann Bolling  Mar 1823North Carolina, USA I19302
4 Clark, Lucy Norfleet  9 Oct 1867North Carolina, USA I5872
5 Clark, Mary Alethea  19 Sep 1850North Carolina, USA I5855
6 Connelly, Sarah Susanna  1 Feb 1864North Carolina, USA I3980
7 Culler, Joseph Augustus  3 Apr 1940North Carolina, USA I2964
8 Davis, Lucy  29 Sep 1807North Carolina, USA I5776
9 Eaton, Nathanial Macon  1839North Carolina, USA I5956
10 Green, William  1799North Carolina, USA I9167
11 Grooms, Elender  13 Feb 1959North Carolina, USA I20895
12 Hall, Green H  1918North Carolina, USA I9396
13 Hampton, Ezekiel Sr  1811North Carolina, USA I17660
14 Hawkins, Benjamin Franklin  22 Nov 1828North Carolina, USA I5780
15 Hawkins, Fanny  North Carolina, USA I9161
16 Hawkins, John  14 Feb 1857North Carolina, USA I17127
17 Hawkins, Little Mary Alethea  1 Apr 1883North Carolina, USA I5804
18 Hawkins, Marmaduke James Sr  20 Dec 1920North Carolina, USA I5871
19 Hawkins, Marmaduke James Jr  10 May 1942North Carolina, USA I5805
20 Hawkins, Micajah Thomas  22 Dec 1858North Carolina, USA I6094
21 Hawkins, Weldon E  19 Jun 1940North Carolina, USA I5806
22 Hawkins, Willis Alston  1863North Carolina, USA I12463
23 Jacks, Jacob  1848North Carolina, USA I5377
24 Kilpatrick, William D  1856North Carolina, USA I6275
25 Macon, Nathaniel  29 Jun 1837North Carolina, USA I6066
26 Macon, Sallie  North Carolina, USA I4768
27 McFarland, Henry Francis  31 Dec 1998North Carolina, USA I16732
28 Messer, Margaret Jane  1865North Carolina, USA I5900
29 Moss, James  Abt 1809North Carolina, USA I6064
30 Parton, John Wilson  16 Mar 1919North Carolina, USA I8576
31 Prevette, Infant Son  8 Aug 1918North Carolina, USA I3113
32 Prince, Ruth  19 Feb 2000North Carolina, USA I7497
33 Sherrill, Rachel  1840North Carolina, USA I4023
34 Silver, Wesley Alexander  11 Oct 1892North Carolina, USA I8364
35 Sparks, John  1868North Carolina, USA I3169
36 Terrell, William Stuart  30 Apr 1913North Carolina, USA I6389
37 Wharey, Jane  1840North Carolina, USA I6276
38 Whitehead, Benjamin  1794North Carolina, USA I17619
39 Whitehead, Cherry  1832North Carolina, USA I3887
40 Whitehead, John  1842North Carolina, USA I3855
41 Whitehead, Nathan  1779North Carolina, USA I17641
42 Williams, Letha C  1908North Carolina, USA I3775
43 Wingfield, Margaret Susan  11 Jul 1905North Carolina, USA I3831
44 Wood, Maude A  26 Jan 1980North Carolina, USA I3190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, James  12 Jan 1771North Carolina, USA I3958
2 Brooks, Nora  Apr 1900North Carolina, USA I3102
3 Ellis, Dean  Abt 1928North Carolina, USA I3104
4 Hall, Oscar Edwin  Abt 1875North Carolina, USA I382
5 Murray, Clarissa  Abt 1851North Carolina, USA I2115
6 Murray, Robert Lee  Abt 1873North Carolina, USA I384
7 Parks, Joseph Jabrell  May 1898North Carolina, USA I1273
8 Prevette, Earl Charlie  Abt 1927North Carolina, USA I3116
9 Richardson, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1847North Carolina, USA I1103
10 Scott, Henry  Abt 1814North Carolina, USA I2969
11 Scott, Mary Elizabeth  1842North Carolina, USA I2963
12 Teague, Lucy T  Abt 1893North Carolina, USA I6456


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Charlene  Aug 1980North Carolina, USA I14278
2 Person, Sarah B  Between 1878 and 1884North Carolina, USA I10338
3 Polk, Thomas Gilchrist  1795North Carolina, USA I5846
4 Stamey, Martha Gladys  North Carolina, USA I2256


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Whitted  North Carolina, USA F7048

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