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Virginia, USA


Latitude: 38.0667, Longitude: -78.5833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Susan Elizabeth  Jan 1834Virginia, USA I10075
2 Barnett, George M  1873Virginia, USA I7798
3 Bass, Beverly Gates  3 Jan 1877Virginia, USA I18242
4 Bass, E William  Abt 1872Virginia, USA I18249
5 Bass, Lucile N  Abt 1906Virginia, USA I18239
6 Bass, Percy B  Aug 1898Virginia, USA I18235
7 Bass, Robert E  May 1900Virginia, USA I18236
8 Bass, Virginia  Abt 1904Virginia, USA I18238
9 Boggess, Robert  Virginia, USA I3233
10 Bolling, Annie L  Abt 1866Virginia, USA I11575
11 Bolling, Bertha  Abt 1870Virginia, USA I11577
12 Bolling, Gertrude  Abt 1864Virginia, USA I11574
13 Bolling, J Randolph  Abt 1876Virginia, USA I11578
14 Bolling, Richard W  Oct Abt 1880Virginia, USA I11579
15 Bolling, Rolfe E  Abt 1862Virginia, USA I11573
16 Bolling, William A  Abt 1868Virginia, USA I11576
17 Bolling, William Holcombe  29 May 1837Virginia, USA I11075
18 Bookless, William  1 Sep 1799Virginia, USA I7704
19 Bowen, Harrison  Virginia, USA I3008
20 Briggs, George Stuart  1 Sep 1871Virginia, USA I6211
21 Bright, Samuel J  Abt 1857Virginia, USA I4450
22 Carroll, Adolphus  Aug 1897Virginia, USA I8425
23 Carroll, Harrison C  Mar 1881Virginia, USA I8423
24 Carroll, Mattie  Mar 1883Virginia, USA I8424
25 Carroll, Sarah E  Dec 1889Virginia, USA I8426
26 Christian, Pattie  1882Virginia, USA I19993
27 Clarke, Sarah W  1793Virginia, USA I4961
28 Crim, John  2 Oct 1825Virginia, USA I1139
29 Downs, Lavinia  10 May 1781Virginia, USA I5759
30 Edwards, Irena Francis  Oct 1857Virginia, USA I17722
31 Ely, Ann Carter Lee  10 Jun 1927Virginia, USA I10078
32 Evans, Mary Margaret  Abt 1831Virginia, USA I4115
33 Faris, Mary Eliza Virginia  Dec 1867Virginia, USA I19950
34 Galt, Mathew W  Abt 1822Virginia, USA I11567
35 Garner, James  Virginia, USA I14179
36 Gregory, Leroy C  Aft 1779Virginia, USA I19841
37 Groff, Harry  Abt 1921Virginia, USA I19767
38 Hagerman, Frances H  23 Nov 1902Virginia, USA I3677
39 Hampton, Chancy L  Apr 1894Virginia, USA I17728
40 Hampton, Coy Granville  30 Nov 1889Virginia, USA I17726
41 Hampton, Frederick G  Feb 1883Virginia, USA I17723
42 Hampton, Margie N  19 Mar 1887Virginia, USA I17725
43 Hampton, Verna S  19 Nov 1892Virginia, USA I17727
44 Hankins, Mary  25 Dec 1829Virginia, USA I19962
45 Hodges, Elizabeth Susan  28 Sep 1844Virginia, USA I3844
46 Hoover, Mary  Virginia, USA I14178
47 Hopkins, Samuel Harris  27 Aug 1833Virginia, USA I20943
48 Hurst, Frances Ann  1823Virginia, USA I14254
49 Isabell, William  Abt 1820Virginia, USA I4531
50 Jennings, Martha Adeline  14 Oct 1899Virginia, USA I17730

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ely, Ann Carter Lee  15 Nov 2015Virginia, USA I10078
2 Godwin, Nina Dorothy  1986Virginia, USA I18232
3 Groff, Arnold Edmond  8 May 1954Virginia, USA I19779
4 Heppenstall, Rachel Virginia  Abt 2015Virginia, USA I9942
5 Higgins, Frances  2 Nov 1873Virginia, USA I17707
6 Lee, Charlotte Carter  6 Dec 1862Virginia, USA I9627
7 Lee, Mary Custis  26 Dec 1994Virginia, USA I10073
8 Leonard, Frazier Blaine  16 Apr 1972Virginia, USA I17785
9 Swepson, Mary Elizabeth  17 Aug 1825Virginia, USA I3804
10 Waldron, Romain  21 Mar 1864Virginia, USA I4329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wingfield, Thurmer Hoggard MD  Jun 1861Virginia, USA I3832


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boggess / Cox  Abt 1739Virginia, USA F1178
2 Hay / Monroe  Abt 1808Virginia, USA F3196
3 Lee / Carter  Abt 1785Virginia, USA F3324
4 Nicholas / Byrd  20 Sep 1823Virginia, USA F3381

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