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Georgia, USA


Latitude: 32.7583, Longitude: -82.5583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza C  Abt 1852Georgia, USA I872
2 Ella May  Sep 1871Georgia, USA I21373
3 Emma Belle  Abt 1900Georgia, USA I3653
4 Jessie Mae  Abt 1905Georgia, USA I21234
5 Lillian  Abt 1884Georgia, USA I14999
6 Lucy L  Oct 1862Georgia, USA I7599
7 M A  Abt 1840Georgia, USA I13804
8 Mary Jane  11 Jan 1843Georgia, USA I7199
9 Sarah  1801Georgia, USA I5655
10 Sarah  1823Georgia, USA I13779
11 Susanna  Abt 1837Georgia, USA I10152
12 Aderholt, Martha P  11 Jan 1845Georgia, USA I7258
13 Allen, Sally  Dec 1863Georgia, USA I6995
14 Bailey, Alfonzo  Abt 1858Georgia, USA I9927
15 Bailey, Robert A  May 1856Georgia, USA I9925
16 Baxter, Henry  Abt 1838Georgia, USA I6988
17 Baxter, Louisa J  1860Georgia, USA I6987
18 Blackwell, Julia Ann  12 Feb 1838Georgia, USA I3500
19 Boston, Alma  Apr 1893Georgia, USA I10189
20 Boston, Floy  18 Jul 1898Georgia, USA I10183
21 Boston, Hubert W  Abt 1902Georgia, USA I10170
22 Boston, James Thomas  Abt 1907Georgia, USA I10181
23 Boston, Jefferson Johnson  21 Jan 1862Georgia, USA I10168
24 Boston, Mary Leo  10 Oct 1896Georgia, USA I10187
25 Boston, Mattie M  Nov 1888Georgia, USA I10188
26 Bruce, Frank King Jr  13 Nov 1929Georgia, USA I9006
27 Butt, Georgia Priscilla  22 Jul 1834Georgia, USA I10622
28 Carroll, Alta Lee  6 Jan 1908Georgia, USA I7191
29 Chambers, Alben A  Abt 1878Georgia, USA I8023
30 Chambers, Albert W  Abt 1903Georgia, USA I8162
31 Chambers, Benjamin D  20 Aug 1842Georgia, USA I5223
32 Chambers, Clarence  Abt 1901Georgia, USA I8161
33 Chambers, Doctor Porter  30 Oct 1846Georgia, USA I5222
34 Chambers, Ellen  Abt 1870Georgia, USA I7370
35 Chambers, Eugene Nelson  25 Dec 1876Georgia, USA I7365
36 Chambers, Frances M  Abt 1870Georgia, USA I8022
37 Chambers, Frank W  Sep 1882Georgia, USA I15147
38 Chambers, Hattie M  Abt 1877Georgia, USA I15134
39 Chambers, Herbert L  Jun 1887Georgia, USA I15148
40 Chambers, John D  Abt 1909Georgia, USA I8179
41 Chambers, Lola Belle  15 Nov 1876Georgia, USA I8175
42 Chambers, Maggie M  Abt 1903Georgia, USA I7384
43 Chambers, Mariah Jordan  1832Georgia, USA I5201
44 Chambers, Nelson J  Abt 1855Georgia, USA I5230
45 Chambers, Reuben Arnold  Abt 1912Georgia, USA I8180
46 Chambers, Riborn H  Abt 1874Georgia, USA I7381
47 Chambers, Rosa A  Abt 1872Georgia, USA I15132
48 Chambers, Ruby Ann  22 Dec 1902Georgia, USA I7383
49 Chambers, Sarah L  Abt 1875Georgia, USA I15133
50 Chambers, Sarah Margaret Minerva  Feb 1880Georgia, USA I15146

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Frances  13 Jun 1886Georgia, USA I10185
2 Boston, Frederick Auton  7 Mar 1902Georgia, USA I10184
3 Clark, James Washington  1920Georgia, USA I9931
4 Cordray, Carl Busche  1 Jul 1972Georgia, USA I869
5 House, Floy Sue  15 Apr 2002Georgia, USA I10171
6 Macon, Nathaniel Greene  21 Jan 1807Georgia, USA I9179
7 Reinhardt, Grady  12 Jul 1893Georgia, USA I10194
8 Reinhardt, Josephine Adelaide  25 Sep 1971Georgia, USA I10192


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chambliss, Estelle E  Abt 1892Georgia, USA I7563
2 Chambliss, Mary Brent  Abt 1888Georgia, USA I7600
3 Davis, Elva  Abt 1902Georgia, USA I7195
4 Hawkins, Horace P  Abt 1869Georgia, USA I4797
5 Hawkins, John Thomas  Abt 1832Georgia, USA I6984
6 Hawkins, Joseph L  Abt 1860Georgia, USA I13805
7 Hawkins, William Ferdinand  Abt 1861Georgia, USA I6975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Livingston, Sammy Vance  1954Georgia, USA I14883
2 Nelson, Arthur James  Georgia, USA I7183
3 Sparks, Uriah  Between 1784 and 1838Georgia, USA I5400

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