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Kansas, USA


Latitude: 38.5, Longitude: -97.6703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Edith  Abt 1911Kansas, USA I17251
2 Mamie A  Abt 1882Kansas, USA I14565
3 Sadie M  Abt 1888Kansas, USA I14970
4 Adams, Almeda C  18 Dec 1869Kansas, USA I16542
5 Bauguess, Elijah  Abt 1862Kansas, USA I3175
6 Bauguess, Ida Mabel  5 Apr 1890Kansas, USA I14102
7 Bauguess, Irena  Abt 1858Kansas, USA I3174
8 Bauguess, Ulysses Grant  1864Kansas, USA I3056
9 Bauguess, William  Abt 1856Kansas, USA I3173
10 Calhoon, James W  Abt 1896Kansas, USA I1904
11 Diehl, Austin Young  6 Jan 1905Kansas, USA I20191
12 Engel, Ervin C  Abt 1905Kansas, USA I14569
13 Engel, Floyd H  Abt 1902Kansas, USA I14568
14 Engel, Pearl E  Abt 1910Kansas, USA I14570
15 Engel, Roy E  Abt 1901Kansas, USA I14567
16 Engel, William J  Abt 1876Kansas, USA I14566
17 England, Harvey Edman  27 Dec 1910Kansas, USA I7953
18 Gregory, Elsie Lulu  18 Jul 1898Kansas, USA I20076
19 Gregory, Ina Leota  1 Mar 1900Kansas, USA I20071
20 Gregory, Matilda Buthel  22 Jan 1894Kansas, USA I20072
21 Gregory, Richard Belle  29 Jun 1889Kansas, USA I20073
22 Haddon, Alba  Jan 1892Kansas, USA I8091
23 Haddon, Ellie  Jan 1873Kansas, USA I8140
24 Hamar, James A  Jan 1873Kansas, USA I8611
25 Harvey, Dorothy  Abt 1907Kansas, USA I2163
26 Harvey, Goldie Mae  9 Sep 1909Kansas, USA I2164
27 Harvey, Velma  Abt 1905Kansas, USA I2162
28 Hazzard, Howard B  Oct 1863Kansas, USA I2409
29 Hess, Lewis Rae  1888Kansas, USA I14180
30 Hillyer, Lorrene  Abt 1912Kansas, USA I12590
31 Hoover, Clarence B  Abt 1912Kansas, USA I938
32 LaKemper, Louisa  Abt 1895Kansas, USA I105
33 Montgomery, Katie  Abt 1873Kansas, USA I6793
34 Montgomery, Lidy  Abt 1870Kansas, USA I6792
35 Montgomery, Maggie  Abt 1866Kansas, USA I6791
36 Montgomery, Nellie Jane  1865Kansas, USA I6750
37 Montgomery, William  Abt 1861Kansas, USA I6770
38 Richardson, Charles A  Feb 1893Kansas, USA I2744
39 Rogers, Charles T  Abt 1867Kansas, USA I6790
40 Ronspiez, Albert  Mar 1890Kansas, USA I882
41 Ronspiez, August  Aug 1872Kansas, USA I857
42 Ronspiez, Caroline  Apr 1888Kansas, USA I881
43 Ronspiez, Frank  Mar 1878Kansas, USA I859
44 Ronspiez, John  Mar 1874Kansas, USA I858
45 Ronspiez, Joseph  Feb 1884Kansas, USA I860
46 Ronspiez, William Herman  24 Apr 1876Kansas, USA I909
47 Sexton, Terrence A  8 Apr 1934Kansas, USA I16175
48 Stevens, Rilla May  Oct 1882Kansas, USA I3179
49 Tolle, Carroll  Abt 1911Kansas, USA I14971
50 Tolle, Edgar Earl  Abt 1886Kansas, USA I14969

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nelson, Emil Emanuel  8 May 1968Kansas, USA I1283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Stevens, Rilla May  Abt 1883Kansas, USA I3179


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ledington, Elijah  Kansas, USA I17221
2 Whitted, Theodore Quincy  Kansas, USA I6718

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