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Wisconsin, USA


Latitude: 44.775, Longitude: -88.1417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eva Fredona  3 May 1857Wisconsin, USA I8272
2 Frances  Abt 1880Wisconsin, USA I4554
3 Hettie B  Abt 1874Wisconsin, USA I599
4 Ida  Abt 1875Wisconsin, USA I16231
5 Mary  Aug 1866Wisconsin, USA I3062
6 Allen, Edwin Franklin  Jul 1871Wisconsin, USA I1097
7 Baker, Burchard H  Abt 1871Wisconsin, USA I16230
8 Bangs, Theodore M  Mar 1857Wisconsin, USA I21375
9 Bradwisch, Frederick Henry  16 Mar 1876Wisconsin, USA I10696
10 Burdick, Henry W  Abt 1869Wisconsin, USA I598
11 Burdick, Rayman O  Abt 1901Wisconsin, USA I600
12 Burhite, Henry  Abt 1858Wisconsin, USA I891
13 Closson, Charles  Abt 1850Wisconsin, USA I2904
14 Closson, Dwight Wilson  6 Jun 1856Wisconsin, USA I2922
15 Closson, Elihu B  Abt 1848Wisconsin, USA I2903
16 Comstock, Hattie  24 May 1858Wisconsin, USA I2689
17 Comstock, Isadore  27 Jun 1869Wisconsin, USA I21522
18 Comstock, John Franklin  13 Oct 1861Wisconsin, USA I21521
19 Cook, Duwaine Leroy  15 May 1922Wisconsin, USA I2436
20 Davis, Harry  Abt 1885Wisconsin, USA I5149
21 DeLong, Elaine Marie  Abt 1936Wisconsin, USA I687
22 DeLong, Joseph  6 Feb 1890Wisconsin, USA I18604
23 Doman, Mildred B  Abt 1889Wisconsin, USA I1402
24 Erickson, Anna  Abt 1862Wisconsin, USA I7161
25 Errard, Joseph  Abt 1878Wisconsin, USA I21825
26 Errard, Melinda  Abt 1877Wisconsin, USA I21824
27 Errard, Peter  Jun Abt 1879Wisconsin, USA I21826
28 Estee, Jennie A  Aug 1863Wisconsin, USA I8334
29 Flisakowski, Grace  13 Jul 1919Wisconsin, USA I18365
30 Gillespie, Lorena  Abt 1903Wisconsin, USA I15246
31 Gormley, John Walter  1 May 1865Wisconsin, USA I2499
32 Gould, Hattie Lovilla  May 1862Wisconsin, USA I8307
33 Hendrick, Sarah Frances  Abt 1856Wisconsin, USA I8935
34 Herron, Mary M  Sep 1856Wisconsin, USA I10491
35 Hodel, Maria  25 Feb 1877Wisconsin, USA I19144
36 Hollenbeck, Isaac Edward  1856Wisconsin, USA I8774
37 Johnson, Dorothy  Abt 1907Wisconsin, USA I3340
38 Johnson, George  Abt 1909Wisconsin, USA I3311
39 Johnson, Myrtle  Abt 1910Wisconsin, USA I3312
40 Kaminski, Barney  Abt 1911Wisconsin, USA I18355
41 Kearney, Harriet A  5 May 1857Wisconsin, USA I3381
42 Kearney, Mary K  Sep 1855Wisconsin, USA I6104
43 King, Earl Merritt  Abt 1904Wisconsin, USA I13767
44 Klatt, Bernard A  Abt 1888Wisconsin, USA I1401
45 Lambert, Joseph  Abt 1898Wisconsin, USA I3070
46 Lambert, Josephine  Jun 1897Wisconsin, USA I3067
47 Lambert, Rosena  Mar 1899Wisconsin, USA I3068
48 Lambert, William  Abt 1903Wisconsin, USA I3069
49 LeDuc, Alfred  1858Wisconsin, USA I21835
50 LeDuc, Georgia M  8 May 1882Wisconsin, USA I21745

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Maihack, Selma M  1961Wisconsin, USA I18783
2 Przybylski, Peter Paul  14 Nov 1975Wisconsin, USA I18328
3 Scully, Robert J  Jun 1987Wisconsin, USA I18784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mabel E  Abt 1892Wisconsin, USA I1081
2 Fait, Eugene Joseph  28 Nov 1938Wisconsin, USA I803

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