The Bureau of Magical Things

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Since I finished Lucifer Season 5B and Manifest, and will have to wait months (or forever in Manifest’s case) to watch more of each, I went looking for something to keep me amused while I work.  (BTW, I can’t wait till this Wednesday to see how Loki winds up.)

Documentaries on Netflix are great, but I’ve seen most of the ones that look interesting.  Sometimes two or three times, each…

So, I decided to give The Bureau of Magical Things a go.  After all, it’s Australian, so great accents, if nothing else.  It’s about a teenage girl who ends up straddling the human and magical worlds by accident.

It’s really better than I thought it would be.  The chemistry of the cast is cute.  The main star of the show, Kimie Tsukokoshi, is quite talented and anchors the show well.  She also works in some singing, too, and has a very nice voice.  I wasn’t familiar with any of the actors before, but they’re all enjoyable to watch.

The storylines are fairly predictable as it’s mainly aimed at kids and teens, but each ep is well acted and not too silly.  I’m actually looking forward to a season 2 of this one to see where they take it.

Now, however, it’s time to turn on Pandora for some tunes and work on some new book ideas I have.  (If I keep the TV on, I get hooked watching. and next thing I know, 7-8 hours can go by, ooops!)

If you’re looking for a nice, fun, clean, cute show, then check out season 1 of The Bureau of Magical Things on Netflix.  (And if you get Australian TV, season 2 new episodes just started July 10th on Nickelodeon channel 10 Shake.  Which means for me a long wait.  <sigh>)

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