Another Family Tree Breakthrough!

May 13, 2021

Yippee!  Not only did I figure out who Hans Peder Nielsen’s parents were finally, but today I figured out his wife’s lineage after close to 8 long years!!  That gives me 29 out of my 32 2x great-grandparents’ info…  Just 3 left to figure out to have my first 62 direct ancestors or 4 generations nailed down. My 2x great-grandma’s American records list her as Maren Sophie Jensen in almost…


3 Weeks and Counting – Lucifer Season 5-B

May 7, 2021

The trailer for the second half of Lucifer Season 5 has dropped!  Check it out! (Now I just have to wait for May 28th to come around.  Will need to stock up on snacks and water, so I only  have to take a few bathroom breaks when I binge all 8 eps.)


Family Tree Breakthrough!

Sankt Peders Church, Slagelse, Denmark
May 5, 2021

Yay!  After almost 8 years, I was finally able to break through a genealogical wall on my mother’s mother’s line. I know they were from Denmark.  However, that side of the family has last names like Nielsen/Nelson and Jensen (think Smith and Jones in America). Trying to figure out which Hans Nielsen and which Maren Jensen are “mine” has been looking for a needle in a Danish haystack (country-sized).  Their…