Fosse/Verdon Miniseries

This weekend, I decided to watch the 1st episode of the Fosse/Verdon miniseries on Hulu to see if it was any good. I ended up bingeing the entire 8 episodes… I can see why it was nominated for so many awards.  Everyone in it does wonderful work.  Sam Rockwell does a great job of portraying the charm, talent, and cruelty of Bob Fosse.  Michelle Williams really gives a tour de…


Finally! We Have a Date for Lucifer Season 5-B!!

Yay!  Netflix has finally released a drop date for Lucifer Season 5-B.  (Another show I’ve watched every ep of, many of which multiple times.) According to the official Lucifer account post on Twitter, and per D.B. Woodside, we’ll finally see on May 28th what happens seconds after Season 5-A ended.  (I won’t say specifically in case anyone was waiting to watch all 16 episodes of 5-A and 5-B in a…


Oak Island – Will They or Won’t They?

History’s The Curse of Oak Island is one show I keep up with, week after week.  Like everyone else, I keep waiting for them to find a major treasure.  I also watch it for the tech they use to find and check out their discoveries. Something I find ironic, though, is how many treasures have been found accidentally over the centuries, all over the world, yet Oak Island keeps hiding…


Are You Related to a Missing Buffalo Soldier?

The 92nd Infantry Division aka “Buffalo Soldiers,” the only African American infantry unit to operate in Europe during World War II, still has 53 men missing/unaccounted for since the war.  The DPAA (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency) would like help identifying them, if possible. In 2014, they created the 92 Infantry Project, but were only able to identify 3 of the men at that time.  The main issue is having reference…


Decisions, Decisions

So I ran into some fun with international sales today… My POD (Print On Demand) company quotes prices in Dollars when you create products, but then on international sales converts the cost to the local currency and charges you that instead. The Euro right now is running anywhere from 10-20% stronger, so there’s another chunk of profit eaten up I wasn’t expecting.  (Probably should have – I had read someplace…

The Six (Cousin) Wives Of Henry VIII

The Six (Cousin) Wives of Henry VIII

A while back, I was researching my father’s line and tentatively discovered one of his ancestors is a “gateway” ancestor: a person with proven Royal ancestry.  In my case, this person is also one of my “immigrant” ancestors. Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, for whom Delaware is named, is in theory, my 10th great-grandfather.  This “link” is based on distant DNA matches to the West family and inferences…

Dad, Cricket, and Me

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia™ Photo Animator

So, this weekend, I discovered’s Deep Nostalgia™ photo animator.  (There went many, many hours playing with that tool.)  It’s fantastic and creepy all at once. I took some old photos of my dad and animated them out of curiosity.  It cleaned them up really nicely – sharpening the focus and making colors more clean/vivid – then made his face come alive.  Certain angles were a bit off, but the…

Order Yours Today Etsy Shop Items

Order Yours Today Etsy Shop

So I finally found a widget that will let me display some of my latest Etsy designs and I actually got it to work!  I added it to the page Order Yours Today Etsy Shop in case you want to see what I’ve been up to.  (This is what keeps me up at night as my mind keeps coming up with ideas and won’t let me get to sleep…) Here’s…


That Didn’t Take Long

So, I’ve hit my first setback in the design area for 2021.  It seems and Shopify are having some sort of dispute, so all of RageOn is down for the moment.  (Actually, they’ve been down for a few days now with a notice saying it may be a bit before they’re back – if ever.) Of course, this is after I had setup a shop there, designed a bunch…