My New Book – Sudoku For Kids Cute Numbers Edition

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I love playing Sudoku, so decided my first digital/printable book would be based on that.  I also love colorful critters, so I used cute number “characters” as the basis for the puzzles, especially since this one’s aimed at beginners.  (Or big kids like me.)

The book is available on Etsy.  You’ll then get 4 downloadable PDF files, 2 puzzle ones and 2 solutions ones.  You can print 1 puzzle or solution page at a time or print them all at once.  For extra fun, you can also print out the solutions pages, cut out the “characters” and paste them onto the puzzles (or trace their outlines and color them for yourselves to make it more “puzzle-like.”)

I hope you have as much fun with the book as I do…

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