Rageon’s Newest Incarnation

April 18, 2021

Well, it looks like people at Rageon.com have changed their minds once more re: what their company will be when it grows up. After saying Shopify killed their site months back, Rageon.com was down for a while, taking all my designs (and my pitiful $15 in outstanding royalties) with them.  They did, at least, send me my personal T-shirt and scarf order, so I didn’t lose that money, too.  (The…


Decisions, Decisions

So I ran into some fun with international sales today… My POD (Print On Demand) company quotes prices in Dollars when you create products, but then on international sales converts the cost to the local currency and charges you that instead. The Euro right now is running anywhere from 10-20% stronger, so there’s another chunk of profit eaten up I wasn’t expecting.  (Probably should have – I had read someplace…

March 19, 2021