Rageon’s Newest Incarnation

April 18, 2021

Well, it looks like people at Rageon.com have changed their minds once more re: what their company will be when it grows up. After saying Shopify killed their site months back, Rageon.com was down for a while, taking all my designs (and my pitiful $15 in outstanding royalties) with them.  They did, at least, send me my personal T-shirt and scarf order, so I didn’t lose that money, too.  (The…


That Didn’t Take Long

So, I’ve hit my first setback in the design area for 2021.  It seems Rageon.com and Shopify are having some sort of dispute, so all of RageOn is down for the moment.  (Actually, they’ve been down for a few days now with a notice saying it may be a bit before they’re back – if ever.) Of course, this is after I had setup a shop there, designed a bunch…

February 22, 2021