An Animated NFT Experiment

April 18, 2021

Since I pay each month for Adobe CC software, I figured I might as well learn some of it besides Photoshop, which I use at probably only a beginner-intermediate level. As a start, I watched a few tutorial videos on YouTube the other night, hoping to learn some of the features of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I came up with this project as my first go using what…


The Brave New World of Cryptocurrency & NFTs

April 13, 2021

So, if you had a spare $390,000, would you use it to buy a computer graphic of a cat? Someone did a few months back… Actually what they purchased was an NFT – a “token” or bit of code permanently embedded in the worldwide Ethereum blockchain. As a bonus, they got a cute pic of their CryptoKitty sent to them to represent that token/purchase. Not this picture – this is…